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New Colors: Fall/Winter Fashion 2021-2022

Pantone releases the colors for the 21/22 fall and winter season.

(note from editor): It is our favorite season here at Daphne HQ and fresh off the press Pantone has released the colors for the Fall/Winter Fashion Season. Before we get into the colors for those new here, let us tell you what Pantone is and why this is so important.

When someone talks about Pantone Colors they are referring to a color code that represents a specific shade. It allows people to communicate about colors without confusion by referring to the Pantone code. It’s basically a universally accepted standard language for colors.

Pantone stands for a standard color matching system. In this system, each code number acts as identification of each color. It’s easy to identify colors by referring to the Pantone color guide because they all have a unique code number. 

The name Pantone is derived from the company that formulated the Pantone Matching System  (Pantone LLC). This system became universally accepted by various industries such as fashion design, graphic design, printing, and product design. Every year since 2000, the company has been declaring color of the year. It holds a meeting twice a year with representatives from different countries to choose colors for the following year. 

In this article, we are going to look at the Pantone colors for fall/winter 2021/2022 unveiled during the New York and London Fashion Week. 

Pantone Colors for Fall/ Winter – 2021/2022 NY Palette 

The Pantone institute revealed the top 10 colors for 2021-2022 during the New York fashion week in February. Colors for this season signal the evolution of the fashion industry 

Pantone’s top colors of the season

Pantone 18-4434 Mykonos Blue



This is the leading color of the year. Its described as a “very crisp and refreshing blue” According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Institute Leatrice Eiseman, Mykonos Blue 18-4434 gets our imaginations going. 


Pantone 13-0647 illuminating Yellow


This is an eye-opening yellow color that promises us a better sunny day and a better future ahead. It is one of the few colors to be featured on both New York and London fashion weeks. 

Pantone 18-6022 Leprechaun



After a long period of struggling with the lockdown, this color evokes memories of the outdoors, all things Irish, and the interesting side of nature. It is a strong green that comes with a transportive effect. Leprechaun 18-6022 is supposed to remind us of the Irish Folklore imps.

Pantone 18-2330 Fuchsia Fedora



This is a bold pink that depicts the phrase “Always Alive.” We need Fuchsia Fedora 18-2330 now more than ever since the kaleidoscopic carnival in  Rio De Janeiro is still on pause due to the current situation. This color offers us a celebratory option.  

Pantone  13-1716 Pale Rosette


This is an adorable, romantic, and gentle Pink. It reminds people of the feeling that they need something when the world is whirling around them and there are many challenges to face. According to Pantone ED. Eiseman, “Pale Rosette is  like a baby blanket color that you can wrap around to feel comfortable.” 

Pantone 17-1340 Adobe 


This color represents the sun-dried clay and is the sign of the huge resurgence of the terra cotta. Adobe 17-1340 reminds people that it can take them to places they always wish for if there’s an opportunity. 

Pantone 18-1453 Fire Whirl 


This is a vigorous red that offers excitement and dynamism. In Early 2021, Myanmar used red ribbons, clothes, and balloons, as a sign of solidarity. Protests in Russia were also filled with red. Eiseman believes that red is going to have a lot of attention. 

Pantone 19-3838 Rhodonite


This is a purple balanced with blue. It represents the psychological standpoint of achieving your highest potential. This can be translated into the real-life world. Rhodonite 19-3838 is all about getting inspiration for achieving our highest potential even if it’s from a physiological standpoint. 

Pantone  18-4221 Spring Lake


This is a soothing mid-tone blue. It has its transportive appeal. Spring Lake 18-4221 is softer than the Mykonos blue and it’s more complex than sky blue.

Pantone 19-1228 Root Beer 


Root Beer 19-1228 is a brown color similar to the root bark of the Sassafras tree. This color is a symbol depending on nature fruits such as herbs and healing teas for wellness. Brown color has spiked huge respect and interest since the nineties. Many institutions brands and films have embraced this color. For example, Starbucks usually features brown decorated interiors and coffee packaging. 


Fall/Winter 2021-2022 NY core classics 

The panton ED also unveiled the following core classics for fall/winter during the NYFW. 

Pantone 11-1007 Coconut Cream 


The coconut cream 11-1007 is a thick velvety white. 

Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray


The Pantone 17-5104 is an ultimate gray that encourages composure. 

Pantone 13-0919 Soybean


This is a mild blonde beige color. 

Pantone 18-0527 Olive Branch 


The Pantone Olive branch 18-0527 is a green color that reminds us of growth. 

Pantone Colors Fall/winter 2021/2022 London Palette

These are the top colors that were unveiled by Pantone during the London Fashion Week 

Pantone 17-6154 Green Bee   

This is a cool green inspired by nature. The green bee reminds us of the outdoors that we all love. 

Pantone 16-1348 Tomato Cream


Tomato cream is a buttery-like brown that warms our hearts. It is an orange-brown color that is a bit lighter than the adobe color. 


Pantone 17-4245 Ibiza blue



This is a stimulating Island blue hue that arouses our passion. The Ibiza blue blends perfectly with almost any color of the fall/winter seasons. 


Pantone 13-0647 illuminating Yellow



This is a joyful, friendly, and optimistic yellow that promises us a bright day. The illuminating color made it to both London and New York Fashion Weeks. 


Pantone 19-1537 Winery


This is a robust winery color that implies finesse and poise. Just like the name suggests winery represents the color of the Pinot Noir Wine. 


Pantone 13-2003 First blush


A tender and dedicated pink that will give you a sophisticated, delicate and tame look. 

Pantone 19-1223 Downtown Brown


This is a dark rich brown with a bit of swag

Pantone 14-4123 Clear sky


A cool blue that represents a cloudless day. This is a breathtaking color that gives one a modern look.

Pantone 18-1559 Red Alert


An impactful red whose presence is very suggestive. Red alert is a brilliant eye-catching red. 


Fall/winter 2021/2022 London core classics

Pantone 13-0003 Perfectly pale


This is a color that represents the sandy beach

Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate gray


A quietly assuring ultimate gray that symbolizes composure


Pantone 18-180527 Olive branch


This is a tasteful green that signifies growth


Pantone 19-4109 After midnight


This is a black infused with blue that represents the color of the after-midnight darkness. 


All colors provided by The Pantone institute

Final Thoughts

The Pantone colors for this year fall and winter have a deep meaning. They are also ready to give you a stunning memorable look. A few colors such as illuminating, olive branch, and ultimate gray made it to both London and New York Fashion weeks. 

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