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Toy robot in ominous lighting

And I, for one, welcome our new Robot overlords!

I’ve tried to fight it for too long.

Play the Terminator Theme in the background while reading this post for the full effect. And yes, I’m a child of the 80’s, why do you ask?

I’m giving in, and writing for The Algorithm. You’ve probably noticed the changes to my recipe posts formatting, and the amount of information in them. 80% of my traffic comes from Google searches, and I’ve slowly been drifting down in traffic for the last year. You, faithful reader, are one of the (Exclusive! Good looking!) 20% the come back on a regular basis. Thank you for that!

But, I have to keep my recipes visible in Google (1st page or you’re never seen), or that 20% will never grow. So, I’m giving in to the Google Bot and reformatting my recipes, switching to a style that will (allegedly) keep The Algorithm happy. I’m adding sections like Tips and Tricks, Substitutions, and Scaling recipes that you’re going to start seeing a lot. (A lot a lot.)

Some of it is going to be repetitive. If you’re a regular reader, you probably see the patterns in my recipes, even when I don’t call them out. (Me? Repeat myself? Again and again and again? Never!) The goal of these changes is to point out those patterns on purpose, so first time readers will (hopefully) get all the information they need in each recipe. And (the real reason): more information gives The Algorithm more things to rank on, and catches its attention.

I hope this will be a good thing, and you’ll enjoy the new information in the posts. If not, there will be a “jump to recipe card” link near the top, as soon as I can get it working.

Toy robot with long shadow

Thank you, again, for being part of that loyal group who come back here on a regular basis. I really appreciate you, and I hope these changes are good for everyone, not just the newbies.

Bonus video:

In case the Terminator theme didn’t give you enough Killer Robot feels…

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